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Aerial Concept Unmanned Systems (ACUS) in Indianapolis is a FAA 333 ExemptFAR Part 107 licensed registered and authorized commercial Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) operator. We are fully insured for $2 million in drone liability and authorized for aerial photos & videos as well as large level commercial applications.

We are a comprehensive unmanned aerial systems service provider. We shoot Real Estate photos/video, aerial photos & videos, motion picture & commercials, and various large level commercial applications. Many of our realtor clients have had a video of real estate in Indianapolis made to compliment their listing.

We have the options to employ several models of UAS’s to complete your mission. All of our platforms are from world leading manufacturers offering cutting edge technology. All the models we deploy are designed to give you the best product at the best possible, at unbelievable delivery times. Need proof, check out our testimonials!

Our Clients Include:

Sample of Our Work:

Aerial Concept Unmanned Systems

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