Our Strengths

Aerial Videos

Our highly maneuverable, lightweight unmanned aircrafts, and our gyro-stabilized high definition cameras allow for incredible HD video and a wide range of speeds and angles. We will give you a new prospective that is awe inspiring.

Aerial Mapping

We use our aerial technology and satellite enabled precision waypoint flying to capture mapping at a new level of detail along with 3D Rendering. We can create maps of any size that are up to 25x the resolution of maps on Google Earth

Aerial Photos

Our technology allows us to capture stunning images from angles and altitudes that have never been possible by any manned aircraft. Our high-quality, low level aerial photography will leave you speechless.

Drone Inspections​

We offer drone inspection services for a numberof applications. Our systems are maneuverable enough to provide a high resolution “God’s Eye view” or a high resolution POV, while not compromising safety and maximizing efficiency.

Our Mission

Aerial Concept Unmanned System’s mission is to provide the safest and highest quality UAS aircraft operations, distribution, and maintenance in order to:

  • Allow our customers to safely and effectively accomplish their mission profile
  • Allow our employees to exercise their talents and maximize their potential
  • Ensure the financial stability of the company.

Our Staff

Social Media

Brett Woods

Years of Experience: 20
Expertise: Chief Pilot, FAA Standards, Compliance

Michaela Woods

Years of Experience: 8
Expertise: Real Estate, Finance, and Social Media Integration

Aerial Concept Unmanned Systems

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