Our UAS Platforms

DJI Inspire 1 Pro

The DJI Inspire 1 Pro is the smallest, most versatile professional aerial filmmaking platforms in the world. They combine DJI’s unparalleled leadership in aerial technology with world-class M4/3 imaging capabilities. Whether you are a high end real estate agent needing a unique prospective of your listing or in need of a high end video production, the Inspire 1 Pro is ready to take your work to new heights.

4FRONT Navig8-E09 & E16

The 4Front Navig8 E09 & E16 is a highly portable twin shrouded prop, electric VTOL UAV for operations inside confined spaces (e.g.,buildings, warehouses, mines, etc.) or in close proximity to critical infrastructure (e.g., power lines & bridge inspection).The variable-pitch props & the dual ducted optimal design enables the UAV to have greater payload capacity (50-60% more) and fly for longer periods of time when compared to similar size UAVs. This UAV uses a proprietary zero lift tail rotor for enhanced control and easier to fly and perform autonomous pitch hover and other maneuvers at high speeds (e.g., inside collapsed building. The shrouded props tilt, individually, about inclined axes/spars for pitch and yaw control.

ACUS Voyage-32M & 56M

The ASUS Voyage-32M & 56M is a portable gas powered, twin shrouded-prop, VTOL UAV for operations in open (e.g.,maritime patrol) as well as confined spaces (e.g., urban, canyons, forests, etc). This UAV is capable of performing highly stable knife-edge acrobatic maneuvers that no other gas VTOL aircraft can execute such as pitched hover, and landing & taking off from highly sloped surfaces (e.g., 40 degrees and larger depending on the terrain characteristics). It also capable of of over 100kts, can sustain 2 hours aloft, and has a 70 pound lift capacity This is possible due to the use of variable-pitch propellers and an active center of mass change mechanical device, which enables this UAV to execute a wide variety of missions in open as well as confined spaces, and fly at low altitudes & in close proximity to objects.

Aerial Concept Unmanned Systems

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